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System Types

Using our range of specially developed and patented technologies Associated can provide the ideal solution with our extensive range of security and life saving devices, whether that may be for a one bedroom flat or large-scale governmental building. A combination of technologies ensure that all eventualities can be catered for:

Wireless / Hardwired / Hybrid Solutions


Wireless Systems are at the forefront of the security industry, popular for their quick installations and flexibility. Especially prevalent in the residential market they are the go to choice for those scenarios where it is difficult to run cables or if retro fitting is necessary.

Multi-award winning technology delivers 128-bit wireless encryption with superior wireless signal range, with multiple devices available we are able to deliver the reliability, security and support required for every market. The various devices available are listed below.

Traditional Hardwired

For those that prefer or high value commercial premises where insurance dictates it is still possible to install traditional hardwired intruder alarms. Due to individual cables going to each and every detector on the alarm hardwired systems are able to adhere to stricter protocols.


It is of course possible to have a combination of the two system types leading to a hybrid alarm.

Sensor Types: PIR Movement Detectors, Door Contacts, Vibration Sensors, Personal Attack Buttons, Breakglass Detectors, Smoke & Heat Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Flood Detectors.

App Compatibility

App integration allows you to gain control of your system providing access from anywhere in the world. Your smart device can act as a portable keypad to allow you to receive customisable notifications, set/unset areas, check the status of every sensor and even control other smart devices in your premises.