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About us


Approved by the Master Locksmiths Association for over 50 years Associated have provided their services to all markets requiring highly trained engineers.
Protect jewellery, Cash & Valuables with our insurance approved safes. Elect from Freestanding, Deposit, Underfloor or Wall Safes, all installed by our trained experts.


All our luxury safes are made bespoke to order from Grades 0 – 7. Our devoted designers will assist throughout the complete design process facilitating an unparalleled end product.

Customisations include:

External Finish
Any RAL Colour, High Polished Finish or Leather Cladding options to suit your interior decor and lifestyle.

Interior Finish / Drawers / Shelves
Handmade jewellery drawers and handcrafted upholstery using the finest suede and leather with configurable layouts allow a place to protect and present your jewellery and valuables.

Casting soft neutral illumination throughout the interior.

Watch winders
High quality, programmable watch winders which cycle clockwise and counter-clockwise ensuring your most treasured timepieces are in optimal condition.
Locking Mechanisms
A choice of traditional key, mechanical combination or electronic keypad certified locks


Associated offer a wide range of Insurance approved freestanding safes available in cash ratings from £1,000 to £250,000.
Protect your Cash, Valuables, Documents, Data Media and Fire Arms.


Ideal for retail and businesses, our range of deposit safes are designed for busy environments that are fast paced.

This style of safe operation is proven to avoid hold up situations and provides excellent insurance cover/cost efficiency.


Our range of Underfloor Safes are best used for scenarios where discreetness is of the utmost importance.


Our range of concealed wall safe offers extra protection for valuables by keeping them out of sight.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised service or you can
purchase online here.